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Sample Ballots by County

The Dianne Black for Congress campaign provides sample ballots for voters in the First District of Mississippi. Plan your vote by registering to vote, getting your sample ballot and finding your polling place. Sample ballots are organized by county below. 


When residents vote in the mid-term elections, they are choosing people to represent them to manage elections, infrastructure (roads, highways, water, electricity), schools, and judges. To promote voter education and preparation, the Dianne Black for Congress campaign has launched the “Prepare Your Vote” campaign. 


In this 2022 mid-term election, there are a significant number of races. Voters will choose candidates for U.S. House of Representatives, Court of Appeals Judge, Chancery Court Judge, Circuit Court Judge, Levee Commissioners, County Court judge, and School Board.  The Dianne Black for Congress campaign is providing North Mississippi voters with a sample ballot* for each of the 21 counties in the First Congressional District of Mississippi so they can see who is running for office on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, and prepare their vote. 

Plan your Vote:

  • Register to Vote: Check to see if you are registered to vote. Make sure you are registered by Monday, October 10 to avoid issues that cannot be resolved on election day. Voter Registration Verification

  • Review your sample ballot. Find your sample ballot below for your county to learn who is running in your election. 

  • Locate your polling place. Polling Place Locator


*Note: Each sample ballot provided is a compilation of all candidates running in all elections in that county, created to help residents plan their vote. Sample ballots may not be the actual ballot for a resident’s specific address. For example, in DeSoto County, James Eric Wright, who is running for school board District 1, appears on the District 1 ballot only. To see a specific ballot or to get further information visit the Y'All Vote Secretary of State website.

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